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Escort Frequently Asked Questions (Escort FAQ)

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Do you do taboo roleplay?

Roleplay is on the menu, but you would need to be more specific on what you consider 'taboo' before I can answer you honestly!  My motto is "if it hurts, it ain't happenin", but I'm more than happy to discuss specific requests prior to booking a session.  

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do you do strapon session with a guy?
2. Do you have limit in multi pops?
3. Good morning! Who supplies condoms?
4. Do u enjoy clients who r only wanting to cuddle & make out?
5. Will you entertain someone in the military?
6. can we do a 69 in 15 min or just a gummybear?
7. Would you sell me a custom video or photos?
8. Hi holly, will you travel to pittsburgh for a day? Rate?
9. are services all inclusive 1 hr rate ?
10. Do you know how to do a prostate massage?
11. How close is ur in all location to the tiger direct location?
12. I read the "heels" questions..can they stay on?
13. Do you do virgins? someone without any experience at all?
14. do you see men who are 6'2 350?
15. Do you have any plans to travel to Memphis?
16. Do you allow throat-fucking?
17. if I pay your travel fee air + hotel)will you fly to my city?
18. Do you do taboo roleplay?
19. how long will the twice as long special be good for ?
20. Do you offer Fire & Ice (oral with ice water & hot tea/water)?
21. What is the rate for overnight?
22. Will you do outcall to a private residence?
23. Arrange paddling for me from male principal?,you cheer him on?
24. really no msog in the doybled 30 session? if i ring quick?
25. Do you perform "dirty" talk during sEssion ??
26. How early is your first Appointment ??
27. I have a smoking and lipstick fetish, Do you smoke?
28. With your "stay twice as long" special does the 30min get MSOG?
29. would you meet me at the door in pantyhose bra and heals only?
30. do you have a tongue ring?
31. Will you see a 72 year old with ED?
32. I like the idea of the gummybear. Can you perform DT?
33. what's a bareback?
34. Is crossdressing acceptable fetish? Do you have stuff to wear?
35. How do I make an appointment if I don't have any references?
36. Are you a squriter?
37. Do you any and all fetishes and fantasies?
38. what is the cost for a 30min session. does that include multi?
39. Rather than swallow, do you allow "snowballing"...i.e. sharing?
40. What major cross roads are in your incalls located in Dallas?
41. Would a female condom be ok instead of regular condom?
42. sbm Do u date other races?
43. Can we shower or bathe together to get started?
44. What is GFE (girl freind experience)?
45. Do you take credit cards? if so how does the company name read?
46. Donation for time gets everything?
47. Do you like to play with baby bottles?
48. 1. whats a "gummy bear"?
49. Is your kitty shaved?
50. Do you like ass play with fingers & tongues?
51. Do you perform rim jobs?
52. Do you allow FSBB and do you swallow?
53. Services lists strip tease...how do you define a strip tease?
54. do you ever visit las vegas?
55. Do you do domination?
56. do you allow photos of you wothout your face?
57. Would you post some more pics in pantyhose/high heels?
58. I like a lot of tounge whe kissing you . and a facial finish ?
59. do u like to party??????
60. Do you allow bareback?
61. Do you offer toy shows and how much. Also do you offer bjs only?
62. Do you enjoy foot worship?
63. would we have time for drink during our session?
64. Would you allow someone to photo you?
66. I like a lot of tounge when kissing, will you?
67. Bareback?
68. Do you allow COF or facial finish?
69. Do you offer double girl sessions? Also with Who?
70. Do you offer GREEK?
71. Do you travel to other sities?
72. Do you offer overnight visits?
73. Do you do clothing requests? Like skirt and pantyhose i?
74. Do you see men of color??
75. Are you available for dinner prior to time spent together?
76. Are these your real photos?
77. Do your donation amounts change?
78. How much notice do you need?

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* Answering to your question it is at the total discretion of the escort.

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